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Pregnancy Tickers
The pregnancy tickers are for women who are already pregnant
  • Basic 40-Week Pregnancy Ticker: This ticker shows the 40+ weeks of your pregnancy. It will point to today’s date, calculate and show how many weeks along you are in your pregnancy and also show how many more days you have until your due date.
  • Pregnancy Development Ticker: This ticker follows your pregnancy on a week-by-week basis and let's you know what is going on.
  • Pregnancy Countdown Ticker: The pregnancy countdown ticker is for those who are already pregnant. The ticker shows your due date, how many weeks along you are now, and it counts down the days into your pregnancy and the days until your due date
  • The Delivery Day (DD) Ticker: This ticker is for women who know their exact delivery date (scheduled cesarean section, induction). The DD ticker shows the period between today until your due date. You enter the scheduled delivery date and a pointer will point to the exact scheduled date and count down the days until that date.
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