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Trying To Conceive (TTC) Tickers
The TTC tickers are for women who are trying to conceive (TTC). They will provide you with a graphical picture of your cycle and show important dates related to trying to conceive. We offer several different tickers based on your individual needs
  • Basic TTC Cycle Ticker: This ticker will show the complete length of your menstrual cycle starting from cycle day 1 to the end of your cycle. You enter you’re the first date of your last period and your cycle length and we will automatically show 2 pointers: One will automatically calculate and then point to your ovulation day (OD). The second will show todays’ date.
  • Pregnancy Test Countdown Ticker: The "Pregnancy Test Countdown Ticker" counts down the hours until you can do a pregnancy test.
  • The 2ww Ticker: The 2 ww (2 week wait) ticker shows the 2-week wait period starting with your day of ovulation (OD1) until 5 days after your expected period. The 2 pointers will show when to expect implantation (OD9) and when to do a home pregnancy test (12 dpo).
  • The Fertility Ticker: The fertility ticker shows the 2-3 weeks between the first day of your menstrual cycle until your fertile days end. You enter the first date of your menstrual period as well as your cycle length and we will automatically show the beginning and end of your fertile days.
  • Clomid Ticker: This ticker will calculate the possible dates of ovulation and your fertile days when you take Clomid.
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